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    Default Data Load in Qliksense

      Hi . I am loading 2 excel files into Qliksense which have the exact same format but ofcourse different data.

      On my dashboard I have a filter pane - Campaign which has 2 options - A (coming from excel 1)& B(coming from excel 2).

      I have certain KPI's like reach, email open rate, CTR.

      I select either of the 2 campaign A or B and get my metrics. It is working fine

      But on opening the dashboard, by default Qliksense is summing up the data from my 2 excels and giving me combined results.

      On selecting a particular campaign now, I get the correct data but the default data which is the combination of the 2 excels is not what I want.


      Can I select either of the 2 excels as default and get the result from only 1 excel when no selection is made.