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    Writting a conditional equation to fill in gaps in a column

    Karen Mujeyi

      Hello QlikView,


      I have a large data set (about 500K lines) and need help.  I have three columns of data:


      Column A: Member ID

      Column B: Program Name

      Column C: Participation Status


      One member can potentially have numerous lines of data depending on how many programs they are eligible for.  If they are eligible, that program they are eligible for will be listed in column B (Program Name) and then have a program participation status in Column C in a basic, Yes or No.


      What I need is to add a column that is an overall program participation status following this definition:

      If member is participating in ANY one program (Yes in Column C to any programs listed in Column B) we need a Yes to all those members records, or line items.


      Can someone help me write an if, then or some sort of statement to create this?


      Thank you!