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    Stream Access  through QMC

    Sridhar Kasthuri

      Hi All,


      I am new to QlikSense. I have developed scripts and reports in 3 APPS using my userid and is visible in My Work. Now I want to create Streams and give access to certain users to see content of 3 APPS i.e. Edit, Save, Read and Write but shouldn't be able to Publish it.

      I followed the below steps but unable to achieve.


      Created 3 Streams and assigned Owner as Sa_reportory(INTERNAL\Sa_repository) and published the 3 APPS in each stream. But When a User1 logged in who assigned as RootAdmin in Users Tab is able to see Streams and App inside in it but unable to see Data Modeler Viewer ,Data Manager,App Overview under the Navigation ICON. Also he see below message


      This App Contains no Data

      This app contains no data but may include a load script. The app cannot be used for Data Analysis. Please Contact your system administrator.


      Note: Out of 3 Apps 2 Apps doesn't have data they are extracting files from source and storing it QVD and in 3 rd app it contains Data.


      Really Appreciate you help


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          Make sure that you have added them to a security rule on each stream. Navigate to  START -> STREAMS -> Select individual stream -> EDIT ->PROPERTIES -> SECURITY RULES -> Security Rule for Access to Stream XYZ -> EDIT and add the individual usernames or ids or groups over there and rerun the task.

          Make sure that the App data refreshed. 

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              Sridhar Kasthuri

              Hi Chaitanya,


              This solution didn't achieve what I needed, may be I haven't explained in right way.


              Below is my scenario


              We are using Active Directory Security. My User Id is assigned as RootAdmin and I have developed 4 Apps in My Work Tab and these need to appear in streams with security as follows.


              1) App1/Stream1

              2)App2/Stream 2

              3) App3/Stream 3

              4) App4/Stream 4


              For Above Aps and Streams Two Users B and C need to view Data Load Editor/Manager tabs in which they should be able see scripts  but shouldn't be able to run Load Editor. In the Sense just view the Scripts.They can copy it into My Work and play around with it but can't publish.


              I have assigned both users as RootAdmin but still they not able to view scripts.Any Idea how to achieve this?