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    Qv MObile App Developement

    Sathish G

      Hi All,

      I am started to develope Qv App for Mobile clients.
      I have some doubts in my mind,
      If I developed 1 Qv app, Same application can access Iphone,Blackberry and Anderoid Mobiles?
      or i want to develope app as per mobiles?

      How about resolution for Iphone and Blackberry? Both r same settings it ll work?

      I have some Publised Qv Document but its nt in Ajax,
      Wheather Ajax seetings is needed for access iphone,Blackberry and Anderoid Mobiles

      what about security for accesing Qv App in MOBILE?

      because I am using HTTPS (Port No 443) In iphone i need to give the port no ? or I want to change QlikView server settings?

      Hope anyone will help me to moving forward.