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    Data not showing in Pivot Table

    Praveena Kumar Sarabhu

      Hello Everyone


      I have a wierd situation here.


      I have a field with some field values in the data model. But when I pull that field into Pivot table, it is not showing all the rows as expected.

      But when I create a listbox and check if the data is in the qvw or not, I see it as expected. Same when I use Table box or Straight Table, I see the data as expected. I have even tried 'Supress Missing values' and 'Suppress Zero Values' expecting to be the case but of no use.


      I have checked the data according to selections made in the database as well. I see that the data is not showing in pivot table.


      All the expressions in pivot table are just the already present fields in the format 'only(fieldname) ' but still I am blank with the reasons.


      Can anyone help me on this?



      Thanks in Advance.

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          Stefan Wühl

          It would be much easier to help if you also post some sample records of your data model, a short explanation of the relation between the fields (like a table view), your complete chart dimensions and expressions.


          If possible, post a small sample QVW that shows your issue.

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              Praveena Kumar Sarabhu

              Hi Swuehl,


              Thanks for replying.


              Talking about the relations, I have just one single table with few fields in it and it is fetched directly from the database.

              Only thing is that for one field, I have made a scenario like below:

              For Example, I have a field like ABC. To create the fields like ABC_0, ABC_1, ABC_2, ABC_3, I have looped the table with that field aliased as ABC_$(i) where i=0 to 3.


              As I said I have got all the expected data into qvw but it is not showing into pivot table.


              And as I said I created a straight table in the report and found that all data is coming into it whereas it is not the case with Pivot Table. Regret to tell that, I tried to create a sample qvw with such scenario but couldn't.


              Thanks in Advance.