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    ABC analisys. Selectable and unchangeable and different levels at once

    warfollowmy verysoon

      Hi, all!


      Rank + Aggr + Set. Selectable and unchangeable and different levels at once


      Is it possible to make different ranking algorithms for one table structure? The question of the topic that nobody cares. I am concerned about the use of the function rank with any choice of the rank and rank did not change was different for different categories.


      It is necessary for a full analysis of the ABC with a choice of the goods. I think my question is needed by all, since I have never seen a normal complete solution ABS analysis. Apparently the idea of  hic - Recipe for an ABC Analysis is the only way to do it. But there were problems with payments in the framework of the different levels of rank simultaneously. Together, let us once spend time to make a flexible solution abs analysis.

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          Sunny Talwar

          I know I haven't responded to your previous post, and hopefully you are not angry at me . To work towards getting a desired output, what are you expecting to see as your output?

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              warfollowmy verysoon

              I'm glad to any answers. I hope we will manage to solve this problem, the only thing that stops it from fully comprehensive ABC analysis (ability to rank the same goods in different dimensions at the same time in the table to be different and not be changed for any choice).


              I want to rank items according to various measurements, for any choice does not change.


              For example there are 10 products and their sale. If you look at the products sales throughout the company give one rank, if we consider these same products inside the shops, that is, to take only one shop and make the rank, then second shop and make the rank, it will be a different rank of the same goods in another column. Similarly, in the catalog of this shop. That is, we have a number of measurements in the table - a company shop, catalog them must be regarded as such even the rank and for example - 10 other measurements that do not need to consider the rank. And must be the columns of rank product - one with a rank across the company, with the rank of a second inside the shop, the third with a rank inside the shop and in the catalog. And as if we did not add a new dimension was added or removed, or the measurement of the table, as it did not make a choice in the table, the rank must remain the same to ABC was considered correct.


              The target- ABC analysis, not just to see how this commodity A, B or C, and select items on the shop\ companies \ catalog\***. Reflect on the charts, in all tables. This will completely flexible solution for ABC data in any view, so it is so important maybe for everyone. If you manage to do this it will be possible to set up an adaptive algorithm for ABC, which is close to the dogma of the 80 \ 20, 15 \ 35, 5 \ 45 by iterations on the range through IF. I know how to do it is not difficult, the only problem for me now is how to use the rank for my requirements.


              I ask all the experts and developers to connect to this task in the rank. Thank you in advance!