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    QlikView 12 Sp2 with IEPlugin 12 Sp2

    Adrian Marano

      I recently updated to Qlikview 12 Sp2, and i must use the IEPlugins ( Macros )

      the problema is....


      If I update my IEPlugin client to 12 Sp2 , it is imposible to use... it Works very slow
      If I use the previous client 11.2 Sp13, it work fast, but a few things stop working ( like Large Input box )


      When I use Qv 11.2 Server with IEPlugin 11.2 all worked fine, i dont want to downgrade again the server to 11.2, but i cant find the solution to use Qv 12


      Someone know how to fix this ?


      PD: it catches my attention The size of the files IEPlugin 11.2 -> 99 Mb.  IEPlugIn 12 --> 23Mb