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    How can I change the bind address of the Management Console

    Olaf Bowe


      a quick question for which I could not find the solution in either the manuals nor the forums:

      Since rebooting our (Win) server the QEMC/QMC does not bind (= listen on) to the localhost ( address any more. Now it binds to a different IP address of this server (which has many addresses). Clearly to be seen using netstat.

      As a result I cannot access the Q(E)MC any more with http://localhost:4780/qemc/, which is confusing to users, but have to use this IP address of the server instead of localhost . (And who knows which of the many addresses of this server will be used after the next reboot ...)

      Thus: How can I configure the Q(E)MC to bind to a certain fixed IP address?

      I could not find any setting like "bind address", "listener address", etc. in the various config.xml files, I am afraid.

      Any help is very much appreciated. If there is something already written about this very problem, please point me to it.