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    SFTP with winscp

      Hi everybody,


      I have a problem in a qlikview file. I need to execute e SFTP script through a winscp script.



      The qlikview espression is this:

      Execute $(SCRIPT)List_Files.bat     $(SCRIPT)    $(pathOut);



      $(SCRIPT) and $(pathOut) are two different path were are saved different files,


      List_Files.bat is composed of :

      cd C:\Program Files(x86)\WinSCP

      winscp.com /script="List_Files.txt" > "Download.txt"


      The SFPT script is in List_Files.txt, and the result of the connection must be saved in the file named Download.txt


      If I run the script from the cmd console it works, but in the qlikview application it give me the error:

      EXECUTE statement requires Override Security


      I've already checked the box named "can tun external application" but it don't work