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    NTFS authorization

    Santosh Prabakar

      We have the NTFS authorization implemented.

      We have a dashboard with section access. Few of the users for that dashboard use shared computers meaning that they don't logon to the system with their windows AD credentials. They use some common windows AD credentials shared by multiple users.


      Since those users don't use their own login, they are not able to access the dashboards. We don't want to add the Windows AD login of the shared computer because it will give access to the dashboard to all the users who uses the system. We also don't want to change the NTFS to DMS since other dashboards will get affected.


      I'm looking for a solution where all the users with windows AD authentication can access the dashboard as usual but in addition to that users who uses shared computers, when they try to click the access point in the shared computer, should login should pop up and they should enter their windows AD credentials and access the dashboard.


      Please advise if that is possible.

        • Re: NTFS authorization
          Peter Cammaert

          If I read your post correctly, you're mixing up authentication with authorization. IMHO it's purely an authentication matter where you would like to use SSO for some users and "a second-chance to log on to Windows" for some other users.


          I think you could consider creating a second  AccessPoint-with-its-own-QVWS connected to the same QVS that uses a Custom Login page to force a Windows login at all times.


          On the other hand, I don't think that Microsoft supports shared Windows licenses in this way. Are you sure this is OK?