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    extension - prevent calculation of qGrandTotalRow totals

    Konstantin Sarattsev


      is that possible to prevent Qlik Sense from calculating grand totals on measures while fetching data?

      Even when qInitialDataFetch is limited to a very small number of cells, the engine still calculates the total (qGrandTotalRow).

      In our case we have a text field measure in extension and we don't need any calculation of totals. We use Concat as a source aggregation function and it works pretty well.

      But calculating of total row takes a huge amount of time and especially painful for network bandwidth to pass a huge total string (more than 30Mb!) We found those qBrutalSum and qAggrFunc properties which could help in theory. But it is not clear how to use them.


      This is how we set Initial properties:

      /*global define*/

      define( [], function () {

          'use strict';

          return {


              swipe_row_min: -1,

              swipe_row_max: -1,

              qHyperCubeDef: {

                  qDimensions: [],

                  qMeasures: [],

                  qInitialDataFetch: [


                          qWidth: 6,

                          qHeight: 20





      } );


      Will highly appreciate any help,