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    Master calendar with Time stamp

      How to build a master calendar with Date and Time, I require only the data which is present ( i.e, only the time stamp available in my database) to be iterated .

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          Sunny Talwar

          There are four approaches that you can take


          1) Create a master calendar and create a master time table (this can save you a lot of space as it won't have to repeat the same time information for each of the date)

          The Master Time Table


          2) Create a master calendar based on date and time

          Master Calendar with Hours & Minutes


          3) Since you only want to create the values that are available in your database, take a distinct resident load of your date and time fields in another table and do all the date time manipulation in that table letting them link on date or time.


          4) Do all the manipulation of date and time in your fact table itself.