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    map in qlikview

      Hi, I want a india map in my application , I want to view the sale in different city on mouse over event on map , how can i do this ,

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          You should use the Google maps exampe of QV to show your data on a Google Map. I believe this can be found on the demo site. Furthermore, you require the Geocode of your customers if you want to show their turnover on your map and a Google Maps API key, which you can obtain for free from Google. There are some restrictions though but these restrictions will be explained to you when apply for the key.

          Good luck.

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              Can u please explain in detail the steps required to achieve this

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                  Raghavendra Suryakumar


                  There is a standard google map API which u need to upload as a script, then identify the Longitude and latitude of the city you want to show in the map and link this data with your sales.

                  I have achieved in showing Sales using India map for one of my clients by following the same steps.



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                      Can u please tell me the script for the google map API.

                      I have the latitude and logitude of the cities required.

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                          Raghavendra Suryakumar


                          find below the api...... Just put it in the script window and upload the sales detials linked with longitude and latitude of cities :)

                          // Google Maps in QlikView
                          // V0.9 - October 1st 2008 © Copyright QlikTech International AB 2008 / AES

                          // Google Maps Key
                          // get a key here http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html
                          gmap_key = '123';
                          max_zoom_level = 17; //maximum value 17

                          // Variables required for calculating map
                          // No need to change these
                          var_pi180= '=pi()/180';
                          var_lat_offset= '0';
                          var_mc2= '=256*pow(2,$(var_zoom))';
                          var_mc1= '=256*pow(2,($(var_zoom)-1))';
                          var_mid_lat= '=min(LATITUDE)+(1+var_lat_offset)*((max(LATITUDE)-min(LATITUDE))/2)';
                          var_mid_long= '=min(LONGITUDE)+(max(LONGITUDE)-min(LONGITUDE))/2';
                          var_zoom= '=max(aggr(if(max( round(256*pow(2,(_zoom_level -1)))+( LONGITUDE *((256*pow(2,_zoom_level ))/360)) )-min( round(256*pow(2,(_zoom_level -1)))+( LONGITUDE *((256*pow(2,_zoom_level ))/360)) ) <map_size_x AND max((256*pow(2,(_zoom_level-1)))+((0.5*log((1+(sin((LATITUDE)*pi()/180)))/(1-(sin((LATITUDE)*pi()/180)))))*((-256*pow(2,_zoom_level))/(2*pi()))))-min((256*pow(2,(_zoom_level-1)))+((0.5*log((1+(sin((LATITUDE)*pi()/180)))/(1-(sin((LATITUDE)*pi()/180)))))*((-256*pow(2,_zoom_level))/(2*pi()))))<map_size_y,_zoom_level,1),_zoom_level))';
                          var_maptype= '=if(isnull(only(maptype)),fieldvalue( '&chr(39)&'maptype'&chr(39)&', 1 ),maptype)';
                          map_size_x= '620';
                          map_size_y= '500';

                          SET HidePrefix='_' ;
                          // Field required for calcualting best zoom level
                          Load RecNo( ) as _zoom_level autogenerate(max_zoom_level);

                          LOAD * INLINE [

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                    Patric Nordström


                    If you want you could try out Idevio Maps as an alternative to Google Maps, it's a faster, more interactive way to use maps within Qlikview. Main benefits are:


                    • Fast map with dynamic zoom and pan.
                    • Client side rendering, handles thousands of objects with ease.
                    • Plug and play, easy to setup and configure.
                    • Extendable, the extension serves as a starting point.
                    • World coverage, street level for many areas.
                    • Secure, own hosting possible.


                    Idevio Maps are available to Qlikview 10 as an extension object.


                    Visit www.idevio.com/demo for more info and demo (logon on with demo demo).

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                      Camille ROSSI


                      In order to display interactive maps into a QlikView document, we do provide a solution called GeoQlik for QlikView.


                      The main GeoQlik’s assets are:

                      - Integration into a QlikView document which allows you to select directly on the map
                      - Possibility to load your own geografic data
                      - Perform spatial analysis by tinging areas
                      - Make pie charts and bar charts
                      - Works offline
                      - Easy to use


                      To access GeoQlik online demo:



                      If you want to know more about GeoQlik, please do not hesitate to register to webinars:


                      If you want to know more about GeoQlik v.10, you can register to webinars dedicated to this new version, following this link :


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                        SET HidePrefix='_' ;
                        // Field required for calcualting best zoom level
                        Load RecNo( ) as _zoom_level autogenerate(max_zoom_level);



                        what is the idle range that we can use for HIDEPREFIX??


                        My zoom is not working properly i guess its due to this. bubbles concentrating in one area are stacking and not all of them are visible. do we have any solution for this?

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                          how to creat chate in map on qlikview .


                          hi all


                          how can I create bar chats in map on qlikview to show data by location that we're selection


                          Thanks before hand.

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                            Hi All,


                            GIS/Maps Analytics in QlikView is a very interesting topic indeed.


                            QlikView customers and channel partners are interested in displaying their QlikView KPI indicators on Geographic maps but also sometimes on a Building Plan (ex: logistic warehouse, supermarket, hospital, etc).


                            Business Geografic has developed a mapping extension for QlikView (V9, V10, V11) namely "GeoQlik" and we have been a Technology Partner of QlikTech since 2006 starting with QlikView 8!


                            I hereby suggest you to have a look at our new mapping extension for QlikView 11 "SR1": GeoQlik v11.6:



                            Please find hereafter a few screenshots of GeoQlik V11.6 using WMS/TMS services to display QlikView KPIs:






                            Thanks and best regards,



                            @ Business Geografic