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    Filtering multiple date values in Qlik Sense

    Stefan Luginbühl



      I have a question concerning filtering multiple data values in Qlik Sense.


      I'm working on a Helpdesk Performance Reporting, based on a OTRS database. I access the database via SQL Linked Servers. In my table i have all the details of my helpdesk cases such as ticket id, CreateDate (eg. 01.02.2016) and CloseDate (eg. 31.01.2016). Based on that information i would like to create a chart displaying the created tickets and closed tickets per month. for that reason i created a meassure count(CreateDate) to get all the created tickets within my time period and added dimensions to polulate the filter pane (YEAR(CreateDate), MONTH(CreateDate). The created ticket value is ok for me and the results are ok. The problem is the meassure for the closed tickets. For that, i created a meassure count(CloseDate).


      My problem is now that my filter pane filters the dates for my CreateTime entries but for that case, the filter should filter the YEAR(CloseDate) and (MONTH(CloseDate) entries, so the result of the CloseDate is wrong.


      Is there a way to create a filter pane that filters CreateDate and CloseDate entries at the same time or another way to get the right data? I tried multiple filter options without success .


      Best regards