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    Best Practice Page File/Pagingfile (1.5 times RAM too much ?)


      It i recommended that for 64bit Servers, the page file should be 1.5 times the phys. RAM size.



      - Paging File Size defined as 4 GB or greater. For x64 systems, recommendation
      is 1.5 times the amount of RAM.



      Well, we have a 128 GB RAM machine that hosts a QV8.5 Server and usually peaks at around 50GB PF-Usage (says TaskManager). We have a Page File from defined to range from 1GB - 8GB.

      According to the recommendations in the document we should increas the page file to 128+64=192 GB!

      Does Qliktek or any QliKVoew Admin keep up this recommendation even in this specific case?! Could we expect a performance increase by increasing the paefile to such an incredible size?! Or will that rather be a waste of ressources (namely Disk-Space)


      I rather tend to shrink the pagefile to 4GB (fixed) and put it onto a RamDrive, but shrinking the PageFile (even below 8GB) would clearly be in oppositino to the reccommendation, although I think the recommendation ist obsolete in our specific case.


      Thanks in advance for your comments!