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    Qlikview 11.2 SR13 String fields filled with digits


      We are seeing problem with some of the STRING fields that are filled with digit values and CHAR values.

      In QV11.0, these are treated as correctly - digits as number and CHARs as text, but digits are not recognized correctly in QV11.2 SR13.

      These are again fine if I read data directly in new QVW of QV11.2 SR13,  I think the problem I'm having is when I use QVW that is created using QV11.0 and opened in QV 11.2 SR13, then digits values shows "?" (question mark) as shown below..


      I can convert to text field to make it work, but I have 100+ tables like this as I use SAP as source and generated by SAP Connector 6.1.2.


      Wondering if there is any easy fix for this - using any global settings?

      Thanks for your help.