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    Failed to request service alive response from

      I shut down all the servers and tried to import .qvf file and got the following error. I am in programdata/qlik/sense/log/repository/trace/ <name>_system_repository:



      Failed to request service alive response from 'https://win-cs6kr6sd3ts:5151/qss/' (Unable to connect to the remote server)                                      9c133784-ffb7-43df-abc7-cd7eed3c3c4d


      57       20160517T095715.865-0700       INFO   WIN-CS6KR6SD3TS            System.Repository.Repository.Core.Synchronization.TransactionLog.SnapshotCreator            31       5c09664b-80d1-4ccb-8a0f-ece771d6e6ad          NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Snapshot creator: Idle                                              5c09664b-80d1-4ccb-8a0f-ece771d6e6ad


      58       20160517T112415.068-0700       WARN WIN-CS6KR6SD3TS            System.Repository.Repository.WebSocketServer.RepositoryWebSocketSession            58       852326b3-25ae-45ef-a9a8-d825e7f27dd9            NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM     Exception received when sending over websocket          GeneralCommunicationException with communication error WebSocketSendOnClosed and http error code 500                                   852326b3-25ae-45ef-a9a8-d825e7f27dd9



      Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated...



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          sandro granati

          Hi David,

          this is difficult for me to debug as I don't have a QlikSense Server avaialable. This is something that your Administrator should troubleshoot.

          However, I would sugegst that you check that the .qvf file I have provided works with the Desktop version of QlikSense, that I assume you have installed. If ir does, you should definitely ask you Administrator to deploy and dsitribute the application properly.