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    Reload automatically QV 9.0.7469.8

      Hi everybody,

      I have a situation about reload automatically. On server there are some applications (.qvw) that doesn't reload as expected.

      Was created a task to reload automatically the report qvw, but I just can reloads it manually. I have been check every configurations on server, but I not found some wrong.

      I checked that task doesn't modify the status (see print) of the column "Started/Scheduled". I checked the logs too. But I not found wrong.

      error loading image


      I have others applications that reloads correctly.

      What can I do to solve this issue? Is there any file that I can check?

      Below the server configuration:

      QlikView Server - version 9

      QlikView Management Service - 9.0.7469.8

      QlikView Publisher Command Center x64 - 9.0.7469.8

      Thank all for you help.

      Fernando Vieira