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    Qlik Sense - Loop through Excel Files and Worksheets

    Robert Curlewis

      Hi all,


      I have a QlikView model which I'm busy converting to Qlik Sense.  I'm now stuck and would like to find out if someone has resolved this and/or if there is a resolution.


      In QlikView I read all .xlsx files from a specific directory (these files are stored here every month).  Then I read all the sheets of each of those Excel files but make use of the "SQLTABLES" to access those Worksheets.  In other words, I loop through all Excel files in a specific directory and then read all columns of all Worksheets within each Excel file.  And there is no standard this is all dynamic.


      Now, I can do this in Sense by creating an ODBC to the Excel file (which is now a LIB connections) but I cannot do this dynamically.  So I can loop through the Excel files (the directory), and I can loop through each Worksheet, but ONLY for 1 Excel files which you have to set up on ODBC.


      Can someone please tell me if this is actually possible and how this can be achieved in Sense?


      Thanks you.