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    QV10 Server/Publisher Upgrade from QV9

      Hi all,

      has anyone experiences with upgrade server/publisher to QV10?

      I took the following steps:

      1. Check validity of QV-Server/Publisher license (upgrade is not possible with expired license)
      2. Backup files (.qvw, .qvd, .meta, .shared, .pgo, C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\*)
      3. Stop all QV-Services (QVS, QDS, QCC, DSC, QVWS, QMS)
      4. Uninstall QV9
      5. Install QV10-Server (downloaded from http://global.qlik.com/download/)
        1. QV-Server,
        2. QV Reload/Distribution-Engine (Publisher),
        3. Management Console (QEMC, QMC),
        4. QV-WebServer
      6. Install QV10-Dekstop (fat client)
      7. Reboot Windows-Server (starts QV services)
      8. Check Tasks
      9. Check paths in QV Enterprise Mgmt Console QEMC: System / Setup / QV Web Servers / Web / Root Folders

      License information are taken automatically.

      (System is runing on Windows Server 2008, 64bit, QV Publisher Repository is XML based, QVWS is used as Web Server.)