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    how do display all possible dimension after selection

      Hi all,


      I am working on a chart that present phone brand as dimension and brand share among users as measures.


      I want to have the following features

      1. only report brand where at least two users are using it
      2. use GetSelectCount(month_id) to indicate whether there is a selection of month_id
      3. if no month_id is selected, display the latest month data
      4. if one month_id is selected, display the data for selected month (only one month will be selected)
      5. when one brand selection is made, instead of presenting the selection with share 100%, display all other possible brand dimension


      for the fourth point, for example. If I select brand Samsung, instead of only presenting Samsung with measure = 100%.

      It would be like this.


      Samsung     100%

      Apple          66%


      Reason for the shares above is that all three users in month_id = 1 users Samsung. And two of them also has Apple. Brand Blackberry is not showing because it only has one user.


      My expression:



                Count( DISTINCT

                          {1<user= P({$<month_id = $(=IF(GetSelectedCount(month_id) = 0,'{$(=Max(month_id))}','P({$} month_id)')) >}) >}                          user) > 1,









      Thanks in advance for the help.

        • Re: how do display all possible dimension after selection
          Stefan Wühl

          It would be easier to work on possible solutions if you could upload a small sample QVF.


          It's also not 100% clear if you want to count the users per brand (constraint 1.) for the respective month range defined in 2.-4. or across the entire data set.


          Hence, it would be good to add some sample selections and expected results.


          I've come up with a set expression like



          brand = p({<user = p(),brand>}brand)


          {"=Count(DISTINCT {1<month_id =

          $(=IF(GetSelectedCount(month_id) = 0,'{$(=Max(month_id))}','P({$} month_id)'))  >} user) > 1"}

          ,month_id =

          $(=IF(GetSelectedCount(month_id) = 0,'{$(=Max(month_id))}','P({$} month_id)'))



          and used this set expression in all aggregation functions.


          Dimension would be just brand.


          See attached a sample (left bar chart with suggested solution, right bar chart using the set expression in a calculated dimension, to demonstrate potential differences).


          2016-05-19 00_47_51-.png