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    HUB not found, when end users try to access the VIP link created for auto  loan balancing. We are using a proxy node to load balance in multi node environment .

      Here is my issue: we have a Multi Node environment. Everything was working fine until yesterday. Our environment has Central node and 1 hub node along with one scheduler node and a proxy node. We are using a VIP address to loan-balance end users using a proxy node server to navigate the users to either central or hub node. There was an issue with Proxy server and the server was rebooted. After the reboot, we noticed that there was no communication between central node and proxy node. So we deleted the proxy node and uninstalled and installed back Qlik components. After re-configuring the proxy node, we are having issues to access the VIP address. But when i tried to access the individual Central Hub or Rim Node hub we are able to access it. But when we try it using the VIP website link, it gives an error message Not Found.



      I tried using the IP address instead of Server host names in load balancing, still no luck. Any help is much appreciated.