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    dynamic values in set expression not working

    Supriya R

      Hi all,



      I am using set analysis to evaluate some condition. I am not able to get any count after adding campaign_id = {$(=chr(39) & Concat(Distinct current_campaign_id, ',') & chr(39))} , i am getting zero.


      But if i had it in textbox i get values.


      expression :

      $(=chr(39) & Concat(Distinct current_campaign_id, ',') & chr(39))


      values i get: 350,351


      so now i am passing this values to set analysis by using this ,to compare 350,351 values present in campaign_id and evaluate condition,but it giving me zero.


      count({$<DateType= {'completion'},final_test_status={'passed'},

      campaign_id = {$(=chr(39) & Concat(Distinct current_campaign_id, ',') & chr(39))}>} invitation_id)


      Please help me on this