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    Distributing User specific data reductions


      I have a document which I wish to publish distinct reports for potentially hundreds of users, each with their own slice of the data.

      I understand that I can achieve this by using Section Access and performing user specific data reductions when they load the document.

      However, is it possible for Publisher to loop through all the users generating the custom reductions for each user.

      I've reviewed the Qvs documentation on Publisher, and it's not clear to me how this would be accomplished. From the docs, it looks like Publisher needs to run as a specific QlikView user, and that reductions can only be defined for this user (potentially based on other user access).

      Does this mean I would have to change the load script for each user, reload the data, and then distribute the report? I'm hoping there's an easier more data driven way to do this. [:)]

        • Distributing User specific data reductions
          Michael Robertshaw

          When a QlikView Document has Section Access, that can stop Publisher from opening the document to perform a reload unless Section Access recognises the account that the QlikView Distribution Service is running as. NB, the Service Account will appear to he QlikView Document in the NTNAME field of Section Access, or you could specify a Section Access User & Password in the Task Properties (not recommended).

          After a Reload is finished, you can schedule a Reduction & Distribution task. You will need to define a "pattern" for the new QVW filenames that will be split from this document. Publisher will open the document (see NTNAME above) then loop through all the values of a field that you choose. For each value of that field, a matching Username or GroupName is sought via the Directory Service Connector. For each match, that field selection is applied then the remaining data is saved as a new QVW including all of the original Section Access.

          It is possible to Loop & Reduce on eg Branch, matching to a Group, leaving all the User within that Branch sharing the same QVW but still restricted to different data using Section Access.

          Come along to Server/Publisher training sometime :)


          • Distributing User specific data reductions
            Rob Wunderlich


            I can't add anything to Michael's excellent answer except to point you to a tutorial that shows how to do the Loop and Reduce setup in Publisher.