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    On event of another task - Error - Task not found

    Tim Webber

      I have 4 tasks that i want to chain together. They are all in the same directory and this directory is my root folder. I am using QVS small business edition server.

      I can see the tasks under user documents. I have scheduled the first task based on time. This works fine. However, when i try and schedule the next task "on event of another task" it complains that the task it not found!!! This is very surprising because i am choosing this task from a drop down that the server itself populates -> the drop down is beside a label called "Dependency".

      When I read the document it definately not clear that "Dependency" would be the right place to tell QVS what document i need "on event of another taak". However, i can see no other place to enter the "on event of another task "task".

      Any ideas?