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    Section access on external server

    mahamed khan

      HI All,


      I need help on security of data.


      I have main application which is then reduced in multiple application using publisher.

      - App is getting reduce to extra net server and only custom users will be able to see the app on access point.

        (Custom users is being created using the QMC -->System-->Directory service connector-->custom users-->user--add user)

      - Now, I want to built section access to these application on access point based on one filed available in my data model named as    Level2.

      - for example -

      I do have values in Level2 as A, B, C, D.

      And my main app is reducing to app1, app1.


      so after aplying section access, If I open app1 then it should show the Level2 as A,B only.

      If I open app2 then it should show the Level2 as C,D only.


      Note: Please remember ,all this set up is for only external server, only custom users are accessing the app on access point.


      Please help.




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          mahamed khan

          Come on Experts.

          I need your help.

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            Peter Cammaert

            What do you need help with? Did you try something and it didn't work? Can you post what you have already tried so far?


            The idea is this:

            • Create a Section Access; zone in your load script. Add NTNAME values with Custom user names prefixed by the artificial CUSTOM\ domain. Add an ACCESS and LEVEL2 link field with proper values for each user. Note that both field names and values should be specified in UPPER CASE.
            • In your Section Application area, either rename your Level2 field to Upper Case, or create an upper case copy of Level2 in the same table.


            FYI: this is a community staffed by volunteers that may or may not be available. If you want a guaranteed level of assistance on a strictly timed basis, contact a QlikView consultant.





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              Bill Britt



              It is never a good idea to reduce an application that has section access in it. Section access is a form or reduction based on who logs in. If you are going through the trouble of doing data reduction, why not just reduce the document to the level you want and distribute it to the users that should have access.



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                  mahamed khan

                  Hi Bill,


                  You are correct. But, in my scenario, there should be separate application for each client, which we are reducing and distributing using single field named as GlobalName on publisher and after that now each client want the data restriction to there respective reduced app that is what I am trying to achieve.


                  Can you please help me in this case?


                  Scenario :


                  - There is only single application suppose named as MainApp.qvw

                  - Now using the one field in the data-model named as GlobalName, we are reducing the main app to generate  separate copy of each global name using publisher machine named as App1, App2,App3

                  - Now I want to restrict the data in each reduced app that is App1, App2,App2 for that I am appying the section         access in the main app.

                  - Now tell me how to achieve this.