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    Access control

      Hi everyone,

      This is the issue: I've implemented the access control ussing the following fields: NTNAME, ACCESS, MODULO (for the reduction data) and USUARIO (for the full name of te user, non important)

      The idea is not to ask for userid and password, just control the access through de windows user (ntname). Locally, works fine, but when acceding from the web (using Qv server) the userid is asked.

      I'm not sure why it asks for userid if the structure to access control doesn't have it. I assume it is because it's running from the server and I am trying to access from the web, but How/ What can I do to configure it to stop asking for userid and just check the ntname.


      Thxs in advance, Regards.

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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Leonor,

          First, take into account the browser you are using. In case you are using Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, Internet Settings, Security. You can add your site to the Intranet, and check on the Custom Level button. There you have User Authentication where you can set when you want to be prompted for user and password or use automatically the curent ones for all sites or only in the intranet.

          So now both plugin and accespoint shouldn't prompt for user and password, and they will pass on to the QlikView server the credentials used to log into the computer.

          Second, in case you are using another browser than Internet Explorer you will be prompted every time by defult, unless there are some third party plug-ins to automate this process.

          Hope this helps.

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              Hi Miguel Angel,

              I'll try your recomendation but as far as I know, the web browser (IE) that's been used already log in with windows authentication because of other web applications that are being used. And still, is asking for the username and password; so, what your recommend me?

              In a way to debug, it exists a function that catch the NTNAME of the user that's openning the document?? I've found OSUser() but I dont know if there's another one that works.

              thxs in advance


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                  Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

                  Hello Leonor,

                  There may be some settings in the IE browser to force it to ask for credentials anyway (so it is our usual configuration). Usually, a site listed in the Intranet sites won't ask for username and password. If the server is not listed in these sites, you will be prompted.

                  On the other hand, OSUser() is the function QlikView uses to return the current username in the form DOMAIN\Username. QVUser() will return the user that has logged onto the document, which won't be the same if section access doesn't use the NTNAME. A simple text object with OSUser() will return, case sensitive, the logged user.

                  Hope this helps

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                Hi Leonor,

                This happened to me. The user running the service in the QlikView Server must have full access to data in QlikView.


                NTNAME, ACCESS, MODULO
                QlikView, Admin, *



                NTNAME, ACCESS, MODULO
                QlikView, Admin, ALL

                STAR IS *;

                MODULO, REDUCTION
                ALL, *