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    annoying square above table scroll bar

    Lukas Hauzenberger

      Hi all!


      I have an annoying little problem in one of my qlikview dashboards. I am using a design for objects where everything but the caption is transparent. However, above the scrollbar, there is a sqare which is in line with the column headers that cant be changed to transparent:




      I am assuming it has to do with the following setting:




      However, when I try to change this color to transparent, qlikview doesnt save it, and when I open the chart properties again, the setting is back to green.




      This might be a bug, I was wondering if anyone has come across this and knows a workaround (I know I could change the color to the background color but as I would like to use a 2-color-gradient background this is not ideal).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!