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    Nprinting Schedules stopped

      Hi all, I have been 'given' the nprinting system to look after since its now stopped working.  We have the nprinter server installed on the qlikview server (v16.2) and a separate PC setup with the Nprinting designer on.  The reports work fine on the PC if you 'run' them and also if you 'start' them.


      The server side recently stopped working - not sure why and cannot see any changes.

      The problem was schedules not working - service hung.  After looking in the logs it seems the task part just sits there and does nothing and the service eventually hangs until restarted.  I noticed the service user for nprinting was the same for qlikview but seems it has always been


      So I have setup new user and am using that as the nprinting service user now as shown in the docs but am getting different error now.

      I am getting the following emailed to me.


      Job: TEST-ComplaintsbyOwner Copy


      Task: TEST-Complaints by Owner Copy


      Message: Connection error to qvp://qlikview/Dashboards/Weekly Performance Report.qvw; Access violation at address 015932B4 in module 'NPrintingSvc.exe'. Read of address 00000000


      As a test I have made the service user a domain admin, I have made sure its in the local admin too.

      Any ideas what else I may need to do.


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          Staffan Johansson

          Is the user who runs the service for N-printing added to named cal License list?

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            Thomas Cullinane

            when testing with the new nprinting user you need to run the nprinting task as the nprinting user, same with qlikview, you need to make sure the nprinting user can open the qvd's and has access to the correct data (section access). Macros in the application can also cause issue if the require authorisation/user input, nprintign will just sit there while qlik waits for an input that wont come.


            Sometimes rather than going to all that trouble to test I just change the schedule to make it run in a few minutes...


            But saying that we do get seemingly random hangs when the job and task start but then just sit there until we kill the associated QV task, after which it happily continues its schedule, even from the same qvd...

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                I have the nprinting designer on a separate PC, if I login to it with my nprinting user and run a schedule that runs a report/task it pops up the Qlikview in the background that I have to switch to and has a Connect to Server dialog which has qvp:///Dashboards/Weekly Performance Report.qvw and when I click connect it says "Failed parse connection URL: qvp:///Dashboards/Weekly Performance Report.qvw


                The nprinting user is in the assigned cal box I also logged in as myself to the PC and got the same error and I am in the assigned cals too.  I have for test purposes put both my user and the nprinting user in the domain admin group but still the same popup.