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    Find Replace expression issue

    Carl Hjortsj�



      Im new to this forum


      I need to replace part of expressions in a several qwv files.


      it is the second if-argument that needs to be changed in all formulas:


      sum(SignFC*[1110000000 Intangible assets])/1000),
      if(TimeType like 'E*',-sum(SignFC*[1110000000 Intangible assets])/1000)) 


      I need to replace TimeType like 'E*' to TimeType like 'FP*'


      I have tried to use the replace ALL function in the Expression overview but it does not work.


      the problem is the 'E*' part and i cannot simply just replace E so it has to be something like


      TimeType like 'E*


      Relace by

      TimeType like 'F*


      not to mess up formulas....Any ide how to solve this???


      A quick answer would be highly appreciated.