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    CAL management doubt

    Alberto Gugel

      Hi everyone, I red the logic behind CAL management on QlikView Server (page 91 and 92) and I have a doubt.

      At the end of the chapter you can read the following two paragraphs.

      If the CAL has not been in use for the last
      24 hours, it will be deleted immediately.

      We normally assign a document CAL to the main user and it seems that the system deletes this assignment if he/she doesn't access the document at least every 24 hours. Is it right?

      If the CAL is currently
      being used or has recently been used, it will be marked for deletion,
      and not allow new sessions for user access through this CAL, but
      will still occupy an allocated CAL until the Quarantined until time.
      During this period, you may undelete by clicking the Restore button
      ( ). After the quarantine period, you may delete the entry
      manually (by clicking on the Delete button), or restart the QVS service.

      It seems like a Document CAL can last only for a session.

      An explanation will be gracefully appreciated.




        • CAL management doubt
          Gordon Savage

          If you manually delete a named user CAL and it has been in use within the last 24 hours, it will not be deleted until that time period is up; if it hasnt been used in the last 24 hours it will be deleted immediately (and therefore be available for reallocation to someone else straightaway).