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    Reload a document every minute

    Mark Daley

      Hello all,

      We have QV9 server. We don't have publisher. All I'm trying to do is reload a QVW every 2 minutes.

      The user will be accessing the QVW through Access Point.

      Currently I have the the QVD Loader and the QVW document scheduled using the management console. The QVD loaders is set to reload every 2 minutes and the QVW is set to reload on finish of the loader. This works fine. The QVW is updated.

      The problem is that if the QVW is currently opened by a user, it is not refreshed. This applies to the document being opened via the web or via a QV client.

      Is this possible without publisher? If so, please tell, cause I'm all out of ideas. Played with server settings against the document, but no luck.

      Thanks, Mark


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          I think it should be possible without publisher. In the QEMC -> SYSTEM -> SETUP -> Qlikview Servers -> Documents check "Allow only one copy of document in memory".

          In your report/application under SETTINGS -> DOCUMENT SETTINGS -> SERVER set "SERVER UPDATES AUTOMATICALLY...".


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              But I do think you need to trigger some event for it to show for the user. Like changing sheet. This could be done with a macro. Have seen examples of it here.

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                  Mark Daley

                  Thanks Michael

                  Checked all those settings. Didn't know about QEMC, but unfortunately they are all set to what you mentioned. I'll experiment with the trigger events. I think you're right, the sollution may be to use a trigger event.

                  Thanks for your reply. If I get it, I'll post a reply on this thread



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                  "Allow only one copy of document in memory" refers to QVS = serving files to clients , not to Publisher = reloading files.

                  One file cannot be opened in two programs, and both programs saving it one after the other. File is locked by developer tool, and Publisher will fail to reload it.

                  You are free to make a copy of the file and edit the copy instead.


                • Reload a document every minute
                  Mark Daley

                  Hi guys

                  OK, seem have this working now. My user is accessing this QVW via Access Point.

                  Using QMC(Qlikview Mananagement Console) I have the the QVD loader running every 2 minutes

                  The QVW(The document the user opens) is reloaded on completion of the QVD loader, this is also using the QMC scheduler.

                  In the QVW I have the document server settings to "Server performs refresh automatically without client action" and "Just do it"

                  I then placed a text object on the sheet that had =now(). This keeps the web session active and when the QVW is reloaded by the server, the server pushes the reloaded QVW out to memory. I'm not sure if that is truely what happens but net effect is that the user can have this screen changing every 2 minutes without touching it.

                  This still seems to work regardless of whether the document setting in QEMC (Qlikview Enterprise Management Console) "Allow only one copy of document in memory " is selected or not. I've kept this checked as it seems like the right thing to do.

                  The important thing required to make this work using Access Point is to open the document using the IE plugin. All the others didn't work.

                  Thanks for your help guys and Qliktech Support