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    Set Modifer not working as I thought it would when placed in a table

      (See the attached sample)


      I've created a Measure using the {1} set modifer that is the average score of the entire data set (i.e. doesn't vary with selections.)  If I display that measure in a KPI, it works as I expected - it always shows the same value regardless of the selections.  However, if I put that measure in a table with the data, it ignores the set modifier.  Is there a way to put it in a table so it keeps the same value it shows outside of the table? 


      A more complicated case is using a set modifier to get an average score that is sensitive to the year {$<Person = >}, but not the person. i.e. it is the average score for the year or years selected.  Again in a KPI it does what I want, but in a table it gets ignored.


      The attached is a simplified version of the data.