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    Login Failed with DMS set up


      I am having problems logging in to AccessPoint with DMS set up. We are on version 10, using Qlikview web server.

      Here are the steps I have taken to implement DMS and the error I am getting when trying to log in to AccessPoint.

      1. In QEMC, under System|Setup|QlikView Servers| Security|DMS Authorization, I have selected DMS authorization.

      2. Under User Documents, I selected a document and under Authorization tab, I added a Recipient, which is a custom user that I had previously created.

      3. Under System|Setup|WebServers|Authentication, the Authentication is set to Always.

      4. Under System|Setup|WebServers|Authentication, the Type is set to Header.

      5. Under Parameters, I entered "QVUSER" in the Header Name field.

      6. Under Login Address, I have selected Alternate Login Page (web form)


      When I go to AccessPoint, there is a prompt to enter user name and password, but when I do that, I get an error that says "Login Failed". I am entering the correct user name and password.


      Any ideas why this might be happening?




        • Login Failed with DMS set up

          Figured it out - I didn't need the QVUSER in the header since I am not using third party authentication tools.

            • Login Failed with DMS set up

              Hi Maria. Could you tell where i can find more information about using third party authentication tools? my settings are the same, except System|Setup|WebServers|Authentication, the Type is set to Ntlm and Under Login Address, I have selected Default login page (browser authentication), but sometimes i get "login failed" and i can't understand why.

            • Login Failed with DMS set up
              Deepak Kurup

              hi Maria,

              I have small issue. I have done the following sets but i am not able to get userid password. it was told to me that the userid and password gets stored in CustomDIrectoryData.xml but I am not able find the file.

              My exact requirement is. I need to store userid and password in Qlikview itself so that maintaince as well as the security is taken at qlikview level itself.


              ONce the user login with their credential the applications will have the section access which will restrict the data as per their roles.


              I have done with the Section Access part but need a solution of maintaing USerid and password (Encrypted format) in QLikview itslef.


              I hope some one will have an idea on this.