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    Nprinting again...Connections

      Hi all, I thought my scheduler was at fault on the clikview server but seems in nprinting designer my source-connection is not opening.


      We have one dedicated PC for nprinting designer which 2 people login to with different profiles.  One of them can open an nsq file and go into source and edit the connection and click Open which opens its up.  The other user does the same and gets prompted to connect to server with the error 'Failed to parse connection URL:qvp:///dashboards/weekly performance report.qvw


      Bearing in mind one user can open it and one cannot, I think whats happening when they are scheduled is that the server probably cannot open either which is why the task is hanging on the server.


      I'm assuming its a rights issue somewhere but am unsure where to start.  The user that cannot open it is a domain admin so its cant be AD rights to folder. Both users and the server service have assigned cals too.


      Both users can successfully open a different nsq file as can the server run a scheduled report with that nsq file.


      I must be missing adding users to groups somewhere ?