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    Sense wont start

      Just installed Sense (I have View installed fine) and the installation completes and when I start this is what I get.




      It never loads the main screen

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          I'm having the same issue. On windows 7 (virtual desktop).



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            Shaima Mahmoud

            Make Sure that you have this folder in your Computer


            Documents >Qlik> Sense>Apps


            Try to empty some of your memory be killing unnecessery processes then when your are starting the Qlik Sense, Right click > run as Administrator

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              None of the suggestions worked.


              - create folder Documents > Qlik > Sense > Apps : didn't exist

              - run as administrator

              - uninstall and re-install

              - uninstall and re-install as administrator, run as administrator

              - memory is not a problem. I'm using 2.7 of 8 GB.


              the Qlik sense window still shows a blank screen.

              The folder Documents > Qlik > Sense > Apps now contains 4 qvf files. Double clicking on them doesn't help.

              The log file shows :


              INFO20160831T080334.368+020047406428Invalid parameter handler set
              INFO20160831T080334.461+020047406428ComputerName is V51WX4F
              INFO20160831T080334.629+020047406428Locale(s) set
              INFO20160831T080334.696+020047406428QHeap initialized
              INFO20160831T080334.740+020047406428Running in desktop mode
              INFO20160831T080334.741+020047406428Initiating server license.


              too bad ...