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    Qlikview DSC Service stops often

    Sravan Puppala

      Hello Guys,

      It has been very often lately that the Qlikview Services are Down on the Qlikview Server. The problem is such;

      1) Accesspoint goes down. Normally users see that and inform me.

      2) when I see in QEMC, everything looks great and all the services seems to be working. Only sometimes I see DSC is not working.

      3) When I see in the windows Qlikview services on the server, they seem to be also working. I never see them stopped.

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      4) Now when I start all these windows Services(seen in fig above) Accesspoint works again. This starting also never works everytime. I have to go to taskmanager and stops DSC in processes which stucks always. Then I can restart the Service.

      This is happening very often and customers are complaining that Qlikview is unavailable.

      The persons maintaining the server cannot Monitor and start the service always because the Service shows it is working but it hangs in the Taskmanager- Processes

      Did anyone have such problem and how did u solve. I dont know whether the problem is Qlikview or Windows side. I assume it is Qlikview.