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    Problems with calculated dimension and hierarchy

    Thiago Wenceslau

      I have the following scenario:



      I have a pivot table with a group size and other subgroup and a measurement with the name value. The subgroup size has an association with the size group.



      In some dimensions were made calculated fields to change the sum of the total size group. As an example only add some subgroups that are within a certain group, the pattern for summing all.



      The following expression:

      if (Group <> 'RECIPES' Sum (value), if (Only (Group <> 'SALES REVENUE'), Value, SUM (total {$ <Subgroup = { 'CARD CREDIT'}>} Value) + SUM ( Total {$ <subgroup = { 'DEBIT CARD'}>} Value)))



      The problem:

      The value are being replicated in all subgroups. If my goal and only change the total value of the group.