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    How to create a table containing variable values and compute results

    Kannan Sundaram

      Dear Qlikview Experts.


      I would like to do something like this;


      Step 1


      SET Var1 = Col1;

      SET Var2 = Col2;


      Let us say for example the result of Var1 = 1000 and  Var 2 = 2000.


      Then Create a table like this:

      Step 2


      NumberCol    VarCol

      10                    Var1

      20                    Var2

      30                    Var1

      40                      Var2


      Then I would like to do some pivot table calculation based on this table like this:


      Step 3

      DIM              EXPRESSION

      NumberCol    NumberCol+VarCol


      I want to see the following result.



      10          1010

      20          2020

      30          1030

      40          2040

      I am attaching a file here. As you can see I can get the pivot1 derived from Table3 in the script working. But Pivot2 derived from Table4 is not working.

      Can someone help me achieve this?



      Thank you very much in advance.