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    Problem with OLE DB connexion to HyperFileSQL data base



      Sorry for my English, I am French.

      With Qlik Sense Desktop, I try to create a connexion to our Windev files (HyperFileSQL database) with the provider OLE DB HyperFileSQL installed.

      When I try to create a new connexion OLE DB, after having selected the provider OLE DB HyperFileSQL and input the path to our files :

      1. Clic onTest of the connexion with « Integrated Windows Security »  : The test has failed
      2. Clic sur Test of the connexion with« User Name and Password» (left empty) : The test has succeed

      Connexion OLE DB HyperFileSQL- 1 test connexion réussi.jpg

      1. Clic on Load : no message, the button « Select a data base becomes cliquable, but shows no list.
      2. Clic on Create : You have no access to the data base

      Connexion OLE DB HyperFileSQL- 2 message derreur.jpg


      I use a directory created directly on the C:\  root of my local disk. I have no password, I have total control on this directory in Windows security.

      When I test this OLE DB provider in Excel, I have no problem to access to my HyperFileSQL files, however Excel asks me to choose the type of connexion : Client/Server (Server name / Port / User Name / Password / Data Base name) or Classic (path of Directory containing the files)

      Our Data base is of Classic,type, not Client/Server, it means that our directory contains directly all the  *.fic files, the is no data base name.


      Can you please help me to solve this problem ?