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    Individual values in a table with SQL as a source

      Hello, I've been pulling my hair out with this for a couple of days now and have decided that it's time to ask a grown up for help!!


      I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop to analyse data stored in a SQL server DB that is populated via a webapp that I've had built. I've been really impressed with the look and feel of Qlik but one particular thing is driving me up the wall.......


      We have some measurement data put into the SQL DB by the users of the web app (temperatures/viscosities/voltage etc) and whilst it's great to be able to see things like min/max/mean/sum in the charts and tables, sometimes we need to see a table of the individual values. This doesn't seem to be possible as when selecting the chart/table measure, there's no option for just showing the raw data. For certain measurements that we are capturing we need to see a list of actual values.


      Ia this possible or do I need to be thinking about a different tool? I'm hoping that it's possible as I love Qlik Sense!


      Thanks in advance