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    QlikView Crashes when using Nprinting On-Demand extension



      I have an issue when try to use the Nprinting On-Demand extension in QV desktop.

      I have followed all the document how to install it. The installation is success but QV is crashed every time I drag the extension.

      QV Crashed.png

      My QV desktop version is 11.20.12904.0 SR12 64-bit edition (x64)

      The Nprinting version : (SR2).

      OS: Window 7


      The installation I follow is from NPrinting On Demand Object installation , I use the installation for client side (QV desktop).


      My colleague can install without issue, they have the same version (QV desktop and Nprinting) the same as me.

      Could anyone give me any suggestion where should I check to resolve this issue?


      I found something similar issue in the community but it's only assume resolved as it's only giving direction to the requirement of the installation QlikView Crashing when NPrinting Extension obje... | Qlik Community.





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