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    Read Particular text from Unix Log

    Rajni Batra

      Hi All,


      I have a log from which i need to extract Booking ID (Identification is 8-20 character string starting with RAJ is my booking ID)

      highlighed as BOLD below .

      But the problem is email ID also starts with RAJ and i am getting wrog output. started many ways.

      and many other cases i have.

      LOAD Log, Replace(Log,TextBetween(Log,'<','>'),'*') Inline



      <rajnibat@gmail.com>Unix Timestamp<XYZ@yahoo.com>RAJ12345<.....@rediff.com>

      <abc@gmail.com>Unix Timestamp<XYZ@yahoo.com>RAJ14567<.....@rediff.com>





      Please Help here!!!