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    aggr(sum(total <$(ColumnDim_p)> sales) How to replace with rEVENUE ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All

      I have expression as below work fine for chart 1:-

      sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} $(ColumnDim51)/1000/$(Columndim89))



      I also have expression below work fine for chart 2 :-

      sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} $(ColumnDim601)/1000/$(Columndim89))



      when user select Dim2 = rEVENUE , I have convert the above expression to below , and this expression i insert at Chart 3 :-

      sum({$<year = {"<=$(=max(year)) >=$(=max(year)-12)"}, month = {"<=$(=max({<year={$(=max(year))}>} month))"}>} rEVENUE={rEVENUE}>}Amount/1000/$(Columndim89))



      Chart 3 Dimension expression as below :-

      =if(aggr(sum(sales),$(ColumnDim101)) / aggr(sum(total <$(ColumnDim_p)> sales), $(ColumnDim101)) > 0.00001, $(ColumnDim101), ' Other')


      Can some one advise me how to change the above expression sales to rEVENUE ?



      So that chart 3 is able to display the bar.