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    Dynamically passing the values to a variable through an Input box in QlikView , Is this possible in QlikSense?

    Sattipandu Adabala



      Here is my requirement,I want to get the TOP values based on the dynamic values that we passed.


      This is possible through the InputBox Object.

      I am passing the input value that we enter to an variable,

      And i am writing the expression with that variable in the measure as

      "Sum({<Dealer = {"=rank(sum(support_count))<= $(vTop)"}>}support_count)".

      Its working fine as shown in the below Image.





      But in QlikSense There is no InputBox object.

      So i cant pass the dynamic values to the variable.

      As of my knowledge i can pass only one static value to a variable.

      But i want this requirement in QlikSense as in QlikView.


      Help me.