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    Weird behaviour replacing and applying server bookmarks with trigger actions

    Magnus Holmgren

      We have a document with multiple sheets. One sheet has a pair OnActivateSheet/OnLeaveSheet of triggers that is used to separate the selections made on that sheet from those made on the other sheets. In detail:

      • onActivateSheet: Replace Bookmark (ID: 20000); Apply Bookmark (ID: 10000)
      • onLeaveSheet:: Replace Bookmark (ID: 10000); Apply Bookmark (ID: 20000)

      When the document is "opened in server", the following happens :

      1. On switching to sheet with the attached triggers, a bookmark with ID 20000 is created OK. Choosing that bookmark from the Bookmarks menu yields the expected result. It appears in the Bookmarks dialog box as a personal server bookmark.
      2. On switching to a different sheet, a bookmark with ID 10000 is created as expected, but bookmark 20000 disappears and the selections are lost. It looks like bookmark 20000 disappears when bookmark 10000 is created.
      3. If one looks on the Collaboration Objects tab in the QEMC, the bookmarks are not listed as bookmarks but as SheetObjects of subtype "unknown".
      4. If one give the bookmarks names they no longer disappear, but instead of being replaced, new bookmarks appear with standad IDs (BM1, BM2 etc.).and the same names.

      What gives? This is QlikView 9.0 SR5 on Windows Server 2003.