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    different behavior Hierarchy Load between QlikView and QlikSense

    Mathias Schreiber

      Hello anyone,


      I have a problem with a different behavior between QlikView v12SR2 and QlikSense 2.2.4 with a hierarchy load statement:


      Hierarchy(NodeID, ParentID, NodeName, ParentName, NodeName, PathName,' > ', Ebene)


              %RowNo_Fakten,            //Schlüssel zu Fakten

              ChildDim_tmp   as NodeID,

              ParentDim_tmp  as ParentID,

              ChildName_tmp  as NodeName


      Resident Fakten_final



      In QlikView this statement works fine. In QlikSense this statement produce millions of rows, but the source data and the script code between QV and QS is identical.


      In sum the QS Statement produce 67 Mio. rows and after additional Statements it hangs up.


      Anyone experience with hierarchy load in QlikSense ?

      Is there a difference between QV and QS ?

      Is the QIX engine not the same between QV 12 and QS 2.2 ?


      Thank in advance