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    Renaming Connection Strings in Qlik Sense

    Mike Lutomski

      Is there a way to keep Qlik from renaming connection strings in an app?


      We are creating folder structures and connection strings inside an app, and it automatically adds the users name to the end of the connections name.



      Extract QVDs - Renamed to Extract QVDs (usernameA)


      SQL Servers:

      SQLCHSADB - Renamed to SQLCHSADB (usernameA)



      If I go into somebody else's connection string and make a change, it renames it to the following:


      Extract QVDs (usernameA) (usernameB)


      In the QMC, the connections are the original names, however when displayed in the hub, they are they changed names.


      Has anybody had this issue before?



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          Content admin, security admin, Same user[Who created DATA connection ] only can modify data connection. If you want control on DATA connections strings on QMC, modify concern DATA connections security rules to disable  of create, read,update , publish

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              Mike Lutomski

              Right now, we only have 5 users, and all of us are Root Admins.


              Each time one of us creates a connection in the hub, our usernames are automatically added to the end of that connection.


              If we each create the same connection, it will be in the QMC 5 times.  If we change the name of one of them in the QMC, the name change is not reflected in the hub.


              We can only use the changed connection name when the app is closed.  If we want to reload the data when the app is open, we have to use an existing connection name in the hub.


              Is this something that can be avoided?


              How can we add the connection name that was changed in the QMC into the Hub?

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                  Kevin Case



                  Mike this is how Sense works when it comes to connections.  More than likely, you would really only want to define the connection once.  Once it is created, go into the QMC and edit the connection to remove (UsernameA) from it's name.  Now you have it defined once and it will be available to all 5 of you.  No need to define it 5 times!  This also allows each user to define connections.  Sense just appended the username to keep the connection name unique.


                  This is so that you can add security around connections.  For example, in the future, you may not want to grant every user the ability to create ODBC connections. You may create a rule that allows just 'power users' to create ODBC connections but your everyday users can create folder connections if they have the ability to create applications.


                  So when you had Extract QVDs (UsernameA) and Extract QVDs (UsernameB), etc, you could have renamed Extract QVDs (UsernameA) to Extract QVDs and deleted the other connections.  This would have been available to all 5 of you, no need to define the same connection more than once and then all your LIB statements will be using the same connection.


                  It just takes a little planning upfront but will end up saving you time in the long run.


                  Hope this helps.