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    SubQuery In Qlik Sense

    Louis Lam

      Hi all,


      In QlikView, I can do


      SQL select
      CUSTNA+' - ' + CONTNO as 'Cusomter name and Contract No                                                                       ',
      CONTNO as 'Contract no',
      CONTSQ as 'Contract No. Sequance',
      CONTTP as 'Contract Type',
      CUSTNO as 'Customer no.',
      CUSTNA as 'Customer name',
      QUOT_A as 'ABAP Quota',
      QUOT_F as 'Functional Quota',
      QUOT_B as 'Basis Quota',
      QUOT_P as 'Project Quota',
      QUOT_O as 'Others Quota',
      QUOT_M as 'Monthly Call Quota',
      convert(datetime, VALIDF, 112) as 'Valid Date From',
      convert(datetime,VALIDT, 112) as 'Valid Date To',
      CREABY as 'Create By',
      CREATD as 'Create Date',
      CREATT as 'Create Time',
      MODBY as 'Modify By',
      MODDTE as 'Modify Date',
      MODDTT as 'Modify Time',
      PROJID as 'Project ID',
      PROJDES as 'Project Description',
      STATUS as 'Contract Status',
      CONTDES as 'Contract Description'
      from sol.ZCONTRACT a
      where a.CONTSQ = (select max(CONTSQ) from sol.ZCONTRACT where CONTNO = a.CONTNO)
      and a.CONTTP <> 'CLOSED'
      and a.CONTTP like 'SUPPORT%'
      and a.CONTNO not like 'VSAP_%'
      order by a.CUSTNA, a.CONTNO;

      Can we do the same in QlikSense by using subquery?

      Best Regards,