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    Link two types YearMont in expr

    Андрей Шепель

      Hi everyone.


      Colleagues, in my test model i want to connect two types of YearMonth period:


      First: YearMonth is loaded from Sheet1

      Second: YearMonth_Test is loaded from Sheet2.


      Also i have link table, where every value from YearMonth Test have three values. (YearMonth_1,YearMonth_2,YearMonth_3)

      My task to make such link: Every YearMonth_test connect with current YearMonth value and two previous.


      in expression i try to calculate count of Delivery Points using variables in filter for field YearMonth (by this filed i need to calc this expresion):

      count({<YearMonth={$(v1),$(v2),$(v3)}>} DISTINCT DeliveryPoint).

      But in result i get wrong values:




      My necessary result:


      20150332count for YearMonth 201503,201502,201501
      20150432count for YearMonth 201504,201503,201502
      20150534count for YearMonth 201505,201504,201503
      20150638count for YearMonth 201506,201505,201504


      Model and source file in attachment.

      For any idea, will be glad.